Q: What are specialty rentals?
A: Specialty rentals are geared towards clients who want to break away from the norm and create their own story. Our specialty items were hand chosen and designed so that your event will be as unique as you. 

Q: Can I view items before reserving? 
A: Yes and no. Most items are available for viewing. However, some items are too heavy or large to set up at our current location.  Please contact us with the items you are interested in and we’ll  be glad to let you know if it’s something we can accommodate. We’re located in South Gate/Downey

Q: Is there a minimum to order?
A: We have no minimums and proudly serve any celebration from an anniversary dinner for two to a grand wedding engagement. 

Q: Do you require a deposit to reserve? 
A: Yes, all orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation. The remaining balance is due any time before or on the day of pick up, or delivery. 

Q: Do you charge a security deposit and when is it returned?
A: Yes, all orders are charged a fully refundable security deposit. Security deposit amounts vary depending on the order amount with a minimum of $50 per order. In the event that there are no damages or missing pieces, it will be returned within 1-3 working days.  If there are damages, missing parts, etc., the security deposit would be kept and additional fees may be applied to fix or replace the item. 

Q: What payment forms are accepted? 
A: We currently only accept venmo, zelle, cash app, paypal, or cash for in person reservations. 

Q: Oh my, I lost or broke something that needs replacement!
A: Accidents happen! We understand that at times, it’s uncontrollable in the event of losing or breaking an item.  Unfortunately, we do have to cover our costs. Smaller items such as glassware or serving platters, we may hold part of the security deposit to replace the item.  Larger items may require the entire security deposit, plus an additional payment. If you are concerned in this matter before the time of pick up or delivery, please ask for a Replacement Cost Sheet.  

Q: Oh my, the rental was damaged during travel, dropped, scraped, missing pieces!
A: As much as we want to save clients money by offering Will Call, it also creates the possibility of our items being damaged / missing pieces in the process. We recommend that sometimes saving money, is not always the best option if you’re unsure of how to handle an item, or don’t have the extra hands to help carry or set up. If an item was damaged or is missing pieces that are replaceable or fixable, we will charge labor and material costs to get the job done. If it is not fixable, the security deposit plus additional fees will be collected to replace the item. If you are concerned in this matter before the time of pick up or delivery, please ask for a Replacement Cost Sheet.  

What is your policy on order changes, cancellations, and refunds: 

Once an order is placed, only minor substitutions can be made up to 30 days before the event date. Substitutions must equal at least 80% of the original invoice. Examples of minor items include: platter sets, some table decorations, and small props. Any planned non-inventory items cannot be changed. Please understand that once you reserve an item, it will not be available to anyone else. If you cancel the order, we would have lost the opportunity to offer it to other clients.  Deposits | First payments are  NON-REFUNDABLE for any cancellations at any given time. Any additional payment will be refunded in the original form. Please NOTE this before placing an order.  All cancellations require a written request via email and we recommend that you cc yourself, to make sure you receive a copy and our confirmation of receipt. 

Q: Do you offer Will Call (self pick up) and what is your rental period for this option? Is there a extra fee if I can’t return on the agreed date? 
A: Yes, we offer will call for most of our items which allows you to spend more on rentals! Some larger or irreplaceable items are only available for delivery and set up due to the fragility and care that must be taken in handling each item. See the item description which will note whether the item is available for will call. The rental period for all will call items is 3 days (pick up the day before and drop off the day after the event). If longer periods are needed, be sure to inquire before reserving.  We charge $20 for every additional day that an item is not returned. If an item is not returned for 3 days or more, you will be charged for an additional rental service fee. 

Q: Where can I pick up my will call and what are the hours to pick up and drop off?  
A: Our exact pick up location will be available after you have submitted a reservation. We are located in the South Gate/Downey area. Our hours are very flexible for pick up and drop off, starting from 9am to 10pm. Simply note the hours you need accommodated and we will send a follow up approval or revision confirmation. 

Q: Do you offer Delivery and Pick Up? What hours are available for this option? 
A: Yes, we offer delivery and pick up on most items that require only one person to deliver. These items may include a small table that comes in pieces, platter sets, chairs, and small props. Delivery and pick up of ALL ITEMS are currently only available from Friday 6pm-10pm and Sat-Sunday 8am-10pm. Simply check the reservation calendar on each product page to check their delivery times. If you would like more information, please give us a call or send an email.

Q: How much is delivery and how does it work? 
A: The delivery cost varies on your order size and the driving distance mile to the designated location. Please use our distance calculation app for final cost. Our delivery service is only curbside ( ground level, front entrance). You must opt for Set Up to move any items from curbside. Rental periods for most locations are a one day service. If your event is further than 30 miles and you are in need of a one day service, please inquire before reserving. 

Q: How much is Set Up and what is included?
A: We recommend choosing Set Up for any clients who needs assistance in moving and assembly of items. Set up includes moving all items from curbside delivery to ground level designated area. We will assemble all items and set up as instructed, and remove all packing material. After the event, we will disassemble all items, repackage, and move all items to curbside. Set up can only be included with the delivery option.  ( PLEASE NOTE: Designated area must be no more than 5 steps of stairs up or down. If your location has more stairs, please contact us before reservations. We have the right to refuse service if this is ignored. )

Q: What areas do you service?  
A: We service all of Southern California from Los Angeles, Orange County, and surrounding cities. If you are unsure of your location, please inquire before making a reservation. 

Q: Media trade for celebrities or influencers,  do you offer this? 
A: We are grateful to be considered by such celebrities and influencers, most of which we are fans of. We do consider a small amount of events as such, if we feel that will benefit The Simple Luxe. If a trade is accepted, all delivery fees are to be paid and our rental agreement signed by the client. If you feel that your event is a mutual fit, please inquire!